Friday, June 18, 2010

Restoran Sri Murni @ SS2 Revisited

I believed that Murni SS2 needs no furthur introduction. They have the most extensive menu among all the other mamak, you name it, they have it. However every table seems to order the same thing – cheese naaan, roti hawaii, claypot lou shu fan, their special drinks with nata de coco, longans and watermelon cubes.

Mango Special RM5. My friend Kenny told me that you can order a rm 20 mango special that came in HUGE size. It must be shared among 5 to 5 people

they also have lots of food like:

chicken chop with nice gravy..nyummm
tomyam also sweet n sour too hot

its my favorite..the nasi very nice include the ayam..leh mkn berpinggan...

too diet..this food ok ar...cheese naan

for me murni ss2 the best gerai to lepak2 n taste the great food..
ingat nk g mlm nie tp xder kwn lak...
dl2 g ngan ez kwn tp skrg kena searching kwn baru ar...xoxo

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  1. nak pi..tapi jauh ar..klo orang belanja nak gak..hahahahhahh